Policy Brief: Why Advocate for More Women Banking Agents?

May 2, 2023

Research from Women’s World Banking and our partners highlights the significant benefits of more women banking agents, both for the Financial Services Providers (FSPs) that employ them and for the women agents themselves. But in order to reap these benefits, FSPs need guidance and support from policymakers when it comes to updating outreach, hiring and training so that these processes appeal to more women, and support a positive work environment for all agents.

This Brief offers recommendations for policymakers to advocate for more women agents, such as enacting industry hiring targets and collecting gender-disaggregated agent data, as well as setting training expectations that account for gender norms and preferences. By increasing the number of women banking agents, especially in emerging economies, policymakers can support broader financial inclusion goals while clearing a path toward greater economic empowerment for women agents and women customers.

Hear from a Real Woman Banking Agent

Meet Gyanwati, a business correspondent (banking agent) for the Bank of Baroda in India who provides doorstep access to financial services to underserved women and motivates them to join savings and microinsurance programs.