Youth Financial Inclusion: Promising Examples For Achieving Youth Economic Empowerment

November 27, 2012

Youth Financial Inclusion Action Group
European Dialogue Number 5, October 2012

The emergence of youth microfinance services specifically designed to stimulate entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainable growth is extremely timely, particularly from the standpoint of a development sector seeking to reinforce its commitment to social impact. This pressing need for socially responsible financial practices can

be addressed by FSPs and YSOs working together to develop and deliver adapted financial and non-financial services. These services will in turn enable youth to apply the knowledge gained during a formative stage in their lives and empower them to build a better future both for themselves and their families.

The purpose of this publication is to contribute to the microfinance sector’s collective knowledge base by sharing examples of promising youth fi nancial inclusion programs around the world and the lessons emerging from them. By sharing case studies that illustrate a variety of service combinations, approaches and delivery models, the European Microfinance Platform (e-MFP) seeks to provide the reader with useful reference points for offering savings, credit and non-fi nancial services (especially training and mentoring) to youth.

Women’s World Banking contributed two case studies to this publication.

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