Report: Designing Philanthropic Partnership for Scale & Impact

September 18, 2023

In October 2017, Visa Foundation granted $20 million to Women’s World Banking over five years. Immediately prior to receiving the Visa Foundation grant, Women’s World Banking launched an ambitious 10-year strategy to work at a greater scale to achieve greater impact. The Visa Foundation grant was fundamental to the successful execution of the first half of that strategy. As a result, more women are included in the formal financial system today and are better able to grow their businesses, meet their families’ needs and contribute to their communities.

Halfway through a 10-year strategy period, Women’s World Banking is at a point of reflection as we consider the significant achievements made possible by a substantial $20 million grant. This report provides an overview of the results achieved during the grant period and describes various projects, partnerships and outcomes that were made possible through this funding. Through this synopsis, we hope to illuminate how financial inclusion contributes to women’s economic empowerment.