Report: Displacement, Financial Inclusion and Financial Resilience

December 12, 2023

A Longitudinal Study of Displaced Ukrainian Women’s Financial and Economic Lives

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Forced displacement profoundly impacts individuals’ finances, livelihoods, and social networks, especially exacerbating gender disparities for women. Women’s World Banking’s 18-month study on externally displaced Ukrainian women explores their financial and economic challenges, emphasizing the lack of support for displaced women globally. The research addresses four key questions:

  1. How do women’s financial strategies change over 18 months post-displacement?
  2. How do economic strategies evolve during the same period?
  3. How does the financial resilience of women and their families change throughout resettlement?
  4. What insights can inform policy and humanitarian responses for other displaced groups?

We employed a mixed methods approach including a quantitative panel survey of 1,287 Ukrainian women currently living in Moldova, Romania, and Poland and two rounds of in-depth interviews. At three data collection periods within 18 months, displaced Ukrainian women responded to surveys about their financial lives. In-depth interviews with 22 select women provided additional details into women’s financial decision-making strategies and resettlement journeys.

UNHCR estimates that there are 100 million refugees worldwide— double what the figure was a decade ago—and the numbers are only expected to rise given climatic, economic, and geopolitical events. By understanding how women’s financial strategies evolve, economic resilience shapes over time, and financial well-being changes throughout resettlement, we can pave the way for more inclusive and effective support systems for displaced individuals worldwide. It is imperative that these insights inform a broader global imperative to enhance the resilience and empowerment of all displaced populations, promoting a more just and equitable future for women in the face of forced displacement. Download the report below.

Only through a range of economic and financial resources can displaced people find financial resilience amidst uncertainty. Policymakers and the financial sector have all the tools needed to create change for this growing population, and these insights should help build bridges to action to increase financial resilience for displaced women around the globe.