Report: Economic Resilience and Digital Adoption among Ultra-Micro Entrepreneurs in Indonesia

April 5, 2022

Given COVID-19’s economic impact, this study is timely. The labour market force is shifting as employers reduce their workforce and childcare needs at home increase. Women’s livelihoods have changed. It is more critical now than ever to harness the power of digital platforms for women’s economic empowerment.

This report summarizes the most thorough research to-date on the ultra-micro entrepreneurs segment in Indonesia. This segment includes those who have access to an ultra-micro loan from the Government of Indonesia distributed through Pusat Investasi Pemerintah and its channelling partners, and those with similar business characteristics who have never accessed the loan.

This report also provides a comparative assessment of ultra-micro entrepreneurs’ financial behaviors and day-to-day business management by gender, with a view to providing a better understanding of the opportunities and challenges associated with the use of ultra-microloans.

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