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Southeast Asian woman using financial services on her smartphone, highlighting the importance of inclusive fintechs

Bridging the Gender Gap: How Fintechs Drive Financial Inclusion

Fintech companies are reshaping the way we interact with money and financial services, and their impact goes beyond just convenience and efficiency. A fintech, or financial technology company, is an innovative organization that leverages digital technology to provide a wide range of financial services, including digital banking, mobile payments and

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Women in Leadership: A diverse group of colleagues in an office
Leadership & Diversity

Advancing Women in Leadership Roles: Inclusion Insights

Women’s representation in leadership positions remains a pressing issue globally. According to OMFIF’s 2023 Gender Balance Index, at the current rate of progress, it would take over a century to achieve gender parity in leadership roles for central banks and major financial institutions. Despite significant advancements in recent years, women

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A diverse team representing work in gender lens investing
Gender Lens Investing

Gender Lens Investing: Driving Financial Returns and Social Impact

What is Gender Lens Investing? Gender lens investing has emerged as a powerful impact investment strategy that combines pursuing financial returns with pursuing gender equality and social well-being. It recognizes the importance of investing in women as business owners, as purchasers/customers, as well as in their workforce and leadership roles,

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Charting the Path to Universal Financial Inclusion

Read Part 1, From Exclusion to Empowerment: The Meaning of Financial Inclusion The Cost of Financial Exclusion of Women Despite women’s increasing influence in the global economy and their significant contribution to consumer spending, the fact remains that nearly a billion women worldwide are unbanked and lack access to essential

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A woman entrepreneur using digital financial services, showing the use case for financial inclusion

From Exclusion to Empowerment: The Meaning of Financial Inclusion

“Although three-quarters of a billion women are still excluded from the formal financial system, we remain steadfast in the mission to usher in universal financial inclusion to unlock the potential of women worldwide.” – Mary Ellen Iskenderian, President and CEO of Women’s World Banking What is Financial Inclusion? Our world

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