The Guardian UK | Giving women control over their finances

October 9, 2015

The comments of our President and CEO Mary Ellen Iskenderian, a participant of the Guardian-hosted roundtable, are cited:

In a roundtable debate in New York, hosted by the Guardian and sponsored by Opportunity International, participants gathered to identify the challenges facing women excluded from the economy and talk about how the private sector and civic society could help tackle these issues.

Mary Ellen Iskenderian, president and CEO of Women’s World Banking, said the safety net of insurance is something many women value enormously.

Women typically save 10% to 15% of their monthly incomes in preparation for health emergencies, she said. “It’s an extraordinary amount and we now have a product called the caregiver insurance policy, whose monthly premiums are a fraction of that 10% to 15% and which covers out-of-pocket costs,” she added.

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