Video: Experts on why it’s important to serve low-income women with digital financial services

August 26, 2015

Women’s World Banking was commissioned by ExxonMobil Foundation to conduct research on digital savings products for low-income women to gain rich insights into the digital financial services market and its implications for women from a variety of informed perspectives. Based on these findings, we hosted “Going Digital: The key to women’s financial inclusion?” on April 29, an interactive convening in New York City for the private sector, policy experts, researchers, foundations and practitioners to review the latest research findings on how digital financial services work for low-income women.

In this video, roundtable participants share their thoughts on the importance of giving low-income women access to financial services through digital savings and how this delivery channel addresses the specific needs of women.

In this video:
Liz Kellison, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Wameek Noor, CGAP
Caitlin Sanford, Bankable Frontiers
Jennifer McDonald, Women’s World Banking

Download the report, “Digital Savings: The Key to Women’s Financial Inclusion?

Shot and edited by Dan Abrams (