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Introducing She Counts Members

December 19, 2018

By Women’s World Banking In March of 2018, Women’s World Banking announced the launch for She Counts, a global platform that harnesses the power of financial services to put savings and financial tools in the hands of women, enabling them to plan for a more prosperous future. Through extensive due diligence to identify the institutions exemplifying best practices in savings,…

Making Finance Work for Women: Half the Story

December 17, 2018

Yashmin Fernandes, Director of Development and Partner Engagement The opening Plenary Session at the Making Finance Work for Women Summit discussed the progress and the opportunities ahead in financially empowering low-income women in the developing world. Four key themes emerged: the role of digital, policy design, a broader tent, and leadership skills are necessary to make finance work for women….

Powering Economies by Investing in Women

December 10, 2018

By Diana Boncheva Gooley, Manager, Digital Financial Services  A strategic approach to investing in women can power economies.  It was only fitting that after a day of exciting presentations, debates and discussions, Women’s World Banking closed out the Making Finance Work for Women Summit with five amazing women leaders who shared the three elements we need to have the most significant…

The time is right for gender-lens investing, what is holding us back?

December 3, 2018

By Angelika Mendes-Lowney, Manager, Development & Partner Engagement The concept of gender lens investing as a powerful strategy to achieve positive financial and social returns is rapidly increasing. In a workshop during Women’s World Banking’s “Making Finance Work for Women” summit on November 7, discussions highlighted that the time is right for gender lens investing but a few barriers are…

Giving Non-Bank Savers a Reason to Save at a Bank (Even When Informal Methods Work)

November 12, 2018

By Mansi Gupta, Design Specialist Accounts in India have one of the highest dormancy rates in the world. Women’s World Banking undertook research to determine why women aren’t saving actively in a bank and tested prototypes to change that behavior. What we found is that breaking the status quo requires shifting the perception of saving with a bank along with prompting…

Egypt’s Economic Recovery Will Not Succeed Without a Key Ingredient: Women

November 5, 2018

Egypt is on the road to recovery after the 2011 revolution, and financial inclusion is growing at a steady pace. But even though women’s financial inclusion is on the rise, the gender gap is widening. Women’s World Banking’s strategy for closing the financial inclusion gender gap in Egypt targets the players and the solutions that will ensure women benefit from,…

Why Women in Bangladesh Are Staying Away From Financial Services, and How to Win Them Over

October 29, 2018

By Women’s World Banking Women in Bangladesh have the highest-ever rates of literacy and employment, and the country’s economy is growing. Financial inclusion now stands at more than 50 percent, nearly doubling in the past few years. But the financial inclusion gender gap is growing rapidly too, with fewer than half of women accessing or using formal financial services. Women’s…

Uncovering Women’s Attitudes Towards Health in India

October 16, 2018

By Mansi Gupta, Design Specialist, Women’s World Banking  “If a hospital isn’t involved, I’m healthy enough.” Women’s World Banking spoke with women in India to better understand their views on health, health emergencies and the role of insurance. By understanding their attitudes on health issues, Women’s World Banking will work to increase uptake and usage of microinsurance in India. Health…

The Power of Partnership: A Corporate Collaboration to Advance Women’s Financial Inclusion in Pakistan

October 1, 2018

By Meghan Flaherty Women did not feel comfortable transacting with JazzCash’ mostly-male agent network, leading to lower product uptake. Women’s World Banking worked with Jazz to partner with Unilever’s women entrepreneur training program to leverage each companies core competencies to increase value for their products and drive financial inclusion for low-income women in Pakistan. At first glance, a telco and a…

Introducing the Leadership and Diversity Program for Regulators: a new program of inclusive policy design and leadership development for financial regulators

September 25, 2018

By Women’s World Banking September 25, 2018 Policymakers have the opportunity to play game changer in driving women’s financial inclusion efforts. However, a strong, gender-diverse team within the regulatory body needs to be in place to amplify these efforts. Women’s World Banking and AFI’s Leadership & Diversity for Regulators program provides the tools to design inclusive policies and build a…

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