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Research is the foundation of everything Women’s World Banking does. For more than 35 years, our team has conducted in-depth client and market research to understand women’s financial behaviors and the life experiences that shape those behaviors. These insights have enabled us, and the financial institutions we work with, to develop financial products with the greatest potential to help women achieve success from various parts of the world.

To ensure ongoing success, it is critical to understand client outcomes from the products we develop and how women’s financial behavior translates into positive benefits for themselves, their families and communities. All our projects are evaluated on whether the women who have accessed our financial products are served well, and the financial and social outcomes for women and their families.

Beyond product development, Women’s World Banking conducts global and regional studies that enable us to identify new markets, partners with whom to work, and best practices in financial and non-financial products, services and policies that help women better manage their financial lives. This research has made us a sought after resource for partners looking for ways to ensure more women have access to financial services.

Research that Women’s World Banking conducts is critical if we are to expand financial inclusion to the 1.1 billion women who remain outside the formal financial system. Search through our blog and publications for examples of this research in action.

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