Coordinated Advocacy for Greater Impact on Women’s Digital Financial Inclusion

The Women’s Digital Financial Inclusion Advocacy Hub, led by Women’s World Banking and the United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) is a catalyst for collective action unifying local, regional, and global stakeholders with the common objective of accelerating progress in Women’s Digital Financial Inclusion.

As the world continues to grapple with COVID-19, growing inequalities, and stagnant economies, we must ensure that women are not left behind. Our individual actions – while critical – are no longer sufficient to close the gender gap in digital financial inclusion. More than ever before, we need diverse partners aligning together to create lasting change. With a unified focus on advocacy, our collective action can create meaningful progress for women’s digital financial inclusion, resulting in an environment where women can make an informed choice on their financial future, creating a world where women thrive, and economies prosper.

There are two interconnected components to the Advocacy Hub: Local Coalitions in Indonesia and Ethiopia made up of civil society, and public and private sector organizations who advocate for priority women’s digital financial inclusion issues in their markets and the Global Advocacy Hub engine which creates unified messages on priority issues at coordinated times in partnership with organizations from around the globe. The local coalitions and global campaigns reinforce each other’s efforts with shared insights and platforms.

There are many ways to be involved: join our campaigns, share your research, promote women’s digital financial inclusion solutions, and more.

How to Join
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