ISSUE DATE: November 15, 2019

Women’s World Banking is looking for a public affairs/relations agency partner to help the organization build its multi-year Advocacy strategy, both at the global and market level. The aim of the project is to create an holistic approach to the articulation and delivery of Advocacy within the organization, its partner network, and its tier one markets.

As part of Women’s World Banking’s new global strategy, the way in which the organization advocates is changing. We are building a new Advocacy vertical which aligns Marketing and Communications, Policy and Research more closely together in order to ensure that these functions and their work are more closely integrated for greater efficiency, effectiveness and scale. At the same time, we want to increase the opportunity to “drive action and change” by moving our advocacy efforts closer to our tier one markets, while maintaining “air cover” at the global level.

Our agency partner will act as a strategic advisor and thought partner to the Advocacy team, and most closely to the Global Head of Advocacy, as they create a global strategy to cover at least the next three years. The aim of this project is to deliver a comprehensive, multi-year, market and stakeholder advocacy strategy with clear KPIs to the Women’s World Banking management team by end of January 2020 to begin fundraising against it immediately thereafter.

About Women’s World Banking
Women’s World Banking is the global leader in women’s financial inclusion. Rooted in our deep understanding of the women’s market, we tackle financial inclusion in three interconnected ways: first, by partnering with financial services providers to develop scalable market-driven solutions; second, through our gender-lens private equity fund; and, finally, because diverse institutions are proven to be stronger, we build institutional capacity through leadership and diversity programs. Through this holistic approach and our global reach of 49 institutions in 32 countries, we accelerate economic opportunity for low-income women and growth for financial service providers in the emerging markets.

About the Project
Women’s World Banking recently completed a strategic review and design for a new business model. An outcome of that review was that the organization needed to

  • play a larger role in global thought leadership as it relates to women’s financial inclusion;
  • ensure that Women’s World Banking and its partners were known and recognized for the impact they have made in the category; and
  • ensure that the organization was influencing and creating awareness and action around attitudes, policy and giving in relation to women’s financial inclusion.

Women’s World Banking has identified its target audiences as financial service providers (banks, mobile network operators, insurance companies, FinTech companies), regulators/policymakers, and the donor community.  Advocacy plays a role in the communication to and influence with all of these groups at both the global and market level.

Although Women’s World Banking’s work is global, our priority markets include Indonesia, India, Egypt, Nigeria, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Mexico. For the purposes of this RFQ, we are focusing on Indonesia, India, Nigeria, Bangladesh and the global influencer community. In future years we aim to expand the scope to include other markets.

Objectives & Responsibilities
At this initial stage, we require an agency partner to provide a senior strategist, supported as needed by subject matter or market experts, to help the Global Head of Advocacy build out the global Advocacy strategy for a minimum three year horizon across global influencers, and India, Bangladesh, Nigeria and Indonesia. The deliverable is a comprehensive approach to how Women’s World Banking will engage, influence and move to action specific and targeted influencers and stakeholders around the world using a range of direct and indirect channels, including media, social media, conferences and events, meetings, research and policy papers.

Tightly incorporated into this strategy will be specific, action-oriented KPIs against each of the stakeholders (individuals and groups) as to what is realistically achievable within the timeframe, and how that helps support Women’s World Banking’s objectives.

We would expect the final deliverable to include the following:

  • Identification of existing or future policies to help accelerate financial inclusion for women and advocacy approaches to influence the right policymakers
  • Integrated marketing and communications campaigns to market specific solutions to financial service providers
  • Marketing campaigns to support fundraising efforts, with a new focus on individual donors
  • Engagement approaches to deepen partnerships with the organization’s Network Members
  • Media and social media influencer identification and engagement strategies
  • Global convening and event strategy to ensure Women’s World Banking is high on the agenda
  • An executive engagement approach for Women’s World Banking’s President and CEO and members of its LT (Global Head of Advocacy, Chief Investment Officer, Chief Fundraising Officer, Country Executives etc) as well as select subject-matter experts
  • Research ideas to support all the above and stand in its own right as the de facto authority on women’s financial inclusion
  • Audit and evaluation of the organization’s digital channels to ensure they are working as hard as possible
  • The entire strategy filtered at the global and priority market level

Duration of Consultancy
The aim is to present at least a detailed outline of the global Advocacy strategy at the Women’s World Banking Company Meeting during January 2020 and finalize by the end of January 2020. From there the agency will be required to support the preparation of the strategy in order to fundraise against it in February 2020.

Depending on the successful completion of this initial project, an agency partner with global capabilities will be required to support the activation of the strategy moving forward. This will be subject to an additional RFQ.

Location of Work
Women’s World Banking’s office is based in New York; however, the agency does not need to be based there, and the Global Head of Advocacy is based in London. Occasional trips to New York or London may be necessary.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience working with a global organization.
  • Proven experience successfully working with clients at the strategic level to achieve increased brand awareness and influence on a global topic
  • Experience working across the public relations/public affairs and government relations spheres
  • Capability of multi-channel marketing and communications, including media relations, website design and development, creative services, paid search, experience in b-to-b marketing
  • Financial services/inclusion and knowledge of emerging markets a plus

To Apply
Please submit your application, including but not limited to the following components, by Friday, December 6, 2019 [extended from November 29, 2019] at 11:59 PM EST at the latest:

  • A project outline and timeline for how you approach strategic development with clients, preferably in a global context
  • A sample fee proposal (including any assumptions)
  • Project team roles and responsibilities
  • Sample hourly or project rates for ongoing work
  • 2-4 client references for each principle individual on the team

Apply Now!

Applicants may submit their question(s) in writing until December 4, 2019 to  Please include in the e-mail subject line “RFQ: Advocacy Agency Partner – Strategy Development ”

This RFQ does not guarantee or commit Women’s World Banking to proceeding with the above described work. Due to overwhelming response, not all candidates will be contacted.

Women’s World Banking is an equal employment opportunity for all regardless of race, color, citizenship, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, veteran or reservist status or any other category protected by federal, state or local law.

 Women’s World Banking will be unable to contract with any individual who is US citizen or resident without an LLC or LP or similar structure.

Q: 2. In associated with the last point on the deliverable section in the RFQ, there was mentioned the entire strategy filtered at the global and priority market level. Could you clarify about the entire strategy filtered at the global market level? Do you mean the selected agency partner will conduct analysis and provide recommendation until global level? or the entire strategy at priority market level will be brought to the global level and or vice versa?
A: We are looking for a strategy that has both supra-national ambitions (influencing at the G7 level, partnering with WB, IFC, speaking at Davos and the World Government Summit, global media influence with The Economist WSJ, FT etc), supported by deeper market-specific strategies to build advocacy and drive action specific to three priority countries (Indo, India, Nigeria).

Q: Do you have a budget in mind for this strategy research and development process?
A: We do but we’re not sharing it because we don’t want to be limited in our thinking by resources constraints just yet. We want to know what “great” looks like and how much it costs and then we’ll work back if needed. We are an NGO with limited funding. We hope this will be the start of a partnership and so there will be money available should we do a good job at this stage for executional work.

Q: When and where is the company meeting in January? Will all of your staff be there? Could you devote any time to discussions of the advocacy strategy? Can we use this opportunity to present the vision and process for strategy development, facilitate strategic conversations with the team, and interview country staff?
A: The meeting will be 6-10 January in New York. And yes, it’s an opportunity to reach a broad range of people.   Yes, you can use the company meeting to present.

Q: Is it feasible to interview leadership team members in January before the company meeting?
A: Subject to availability, I am sure they would welcome it

Q: Could workshops and/or in-depth interviews with country staff at the company meeting take the place of site visits?
A: Yes, if that’s a more efficient way. We can follow up on calls.