Title: Research Specialist
Reports to: Director of Research and Advocacy
Classification: Full-time
Location: New York, NY; Washington, DC; Mexico City, Mexico
Start Date: Immediate

Women’s World Banking is seeking an innovative, energetic and multifaceted applied qualitative research specialist to lead the methodology development, execution and synthesis of customer-centric qualitative research as part of our cross-country market research. This will also be a position that will serve qualitative research needs across Women’s World Banking’s Latin America portfolio. The position’s efforts will help us better understand women customers – their needs, wants and barriers to using formal financial services – across markers, geographies and customer segments in order to further establish Women’s World Banking as a thought leader in understanding low-income women customers.


You should apply to this position if:

  • You take initiative to understand the perspective of diverse stakeholders and make strategic recommendations based on what is good for the projects, teams and organizations you work with;
  • You find working on complex and challenging problems invigorating;
  • You are driven to develop a deep understanding of customers and create compelling customer narratives utilizing mixed-methods research that combines qualitative and quantitative findings;
  • You are excited by understanding, learning, and iterating on new qualitative research methodologies.



The Qualitative Research Specialist will be responsible for driving qualitative customer research throughout the organization – with a strong focus on our cross-country market research. S/he will use their expertise in qualitative research methodologies to develop the scope of research engagements, conduct relevant literature reviews, lead qualitative research in the field end-to-end, synthesize customer insights, and help develop the research capabilities of our broader team.


The ideal candidate will be able to think strategically, and use a spectrum of qualitative research methodologies to develop high-quality customer insights that combine qualitative and quantitative findings in order to identify customer trends across markets, geographies and customer segments in emerging markets. She/he will represent Women’s World Banking in relevant conferences and speaking engagements to share customer insights, thereby influencing the dialogue around the role of customer-centric research in financial inclusion.


The successful candidate will:

  • Be a mission-aligned self-starter who thrives in fast-paced, dynamic, multi-cultural environments;
  • Lead qualitative research engagements from a customer-centric lens; be able to quickly identify key customer insights, as well as trends and patterns across markets, geographies and customer segments;
  • Utilize best practices in structured and semi-structured interviews, ethnographies and customer observations;
  • Have an empathy-first mindset in her/his research approach;
  • Seamlessly integrate qualitative and quantitative research findings in order to tell a compelling narrative about customer behaviors across markets;
  • Incorporate understanding of strategic business and project needs in the structure of research engagements;
  • Share knowledge and develop the qualitative research capabilities of the team.


Required qualifications:

  • Expertise in structuring qualitative research plans and instruments;
  • Demonstrated ability in conducting in-field qualitative research, including one-on-one interviews, observations, and ethnographies;
  • Experience in analyzing and synthesizing qualitative data, and combining it with quantitative data findings to develop a comprehensive customer narrative;
  • Ability to effectively document, communicate and publish research findings;
  • Experience in translating complex concepts and research findings into actionable insights, compelling customer narratives, and accessible, well-written reports and presentations;
  • Demonstrated ability in identifying customer trends and patterns across markets, geographies and customer segments;
  • Understanding of statistics and quantitative data analysis methods;
  • Working knowledge of behavioral science, nudge interventions, and human-centered design, with a focus on understanding the behavioral barriers to action;
  • Proven track record of effectively managing relationships with cross-functional teams, in-field clients, key stakeholders and consultants;
  • Ability to prioritize and manage multiple assignments concurrently, perform well under pressure, and meet deadlines while ensuring quality and attention to detail;
  • Demonstrated ability to manage responsibility with integrity and tact;
  • Excellent verbal, written and presentation skills;
  • Culturally sophisticated interpersonal skills;
  • Willingness to take on significant travel (20-30%) to emerging markets to conduct in-field qualitative research when safe to do so;
  • Fluency in English and Spanish.


Preferred qualifications:

  • Master’s degree or PhD in Anthropology, Social Psychology, Sociology or Political science with a concentration in qualitative research;
  • Minimum 5-7 years’ experience in applied qualitative research, including in-field structured and semi-structured interviews, ethnographies and case studies;
  • Experience managing end-to-end external and internal projects in non-structured and dynamic environments;
  • Experience with qualitative analysis software such as NVivo, Dedoose, or other tools;
  • Experience working with low-income w in emerging markets and/or experience with women’s economic and empowerment issues.


Within the first 75 days:

  • Demonstrate your command of the position;
  • Build a strong working relationship across functional teams;
  • Embrace Women’s World Banking’s cultural values and code of conduct;
  • Develop an understanding of Women’s World Banking’s business model;
  • Get trained on and fully integrate the use of Women’s World Banking systems and policies into your day-to-day activities;
  • Develop a road map to achieving targets and deliverables for the year.