Title: Research Specialist – Indonesia

Reporting to: Global Director of Research and Advocacy

Classification: Full-time

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Start Date: Immediate


Women’s World Banking is looking for a multi-method Research Specialist based in Jakarta to join a forward thinking, high-performing, collaborative team focused on delivering innovative customer experiences, banking services and products that create business and customer value to serve low-income women. This position will lead qualitative and quantitative research and thought leadership on women’s financial inclusion in Indonesia and in the region.


This position works with two different teams: the regional team and the global research team.

  • The regional team provides advisory services to enable our client-partners to effectively reach and serve low-income women with relevant financial services. The team also executes on thought leadership and policy advocacy for Indonesia and the broader region.
  • Research is integral to Women’s World Banking’s approach to understanding the financial lives of low-income women in emerging markets and developing innovative financial solutions for women’s security and prosperity. With this position, Women’s World Banking’s global research team is growing to seven full-time staff and two interns. This position is key to ensuring Women’s World Banking’s advocacy for women’s economic empowerment and financial inclusion is evidence-based.


The ideal candidate will have a successful record of publication on financial services or financial inclusion, focused on driving stakeholder action. S/he will be passionate about women’s economic empowerment and eager to serve as a thought leader in the financial inclusion community. S/he will be assertive and self-motivated, and eager to co-create with colleagues across the organization.


Responsibilities of the position:

As this is a multi-method position, we expect qualified candidates to have some experience with a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods, with the ability to delegate tasks which go beyond their skillset.


  • Research design and execution:
    • Craft multi-method research projects, selecting appropriate research design to make progress on key research questions facing financial institutions, the financial sector, and policymakers as they engage with women’s financial inclusion.
    • Obtain IRB approval where necessary, adhering to IRB protocol for research studies
    • Apply quantitative techniques, some examples of which could include:
      • Sampling in complex environments
      • Questionnaire development for primary data collection
      • Manage large-scale survey implementation, training and supervising a research team
      • Impact evaluation using experimental or quasi-experimental methods
      • Data collection of bank transaction-level data to gain insights on customer behavior
      • Data analysis, including a selection of the following methods: descriptive statistics, trend analysis, inferential and regression techniques, clustering or segmentation, predictive analytics, the building and utilization of indices, or other tools
    • Apply qualitative techniques, some examples of which could include:
      • Literature reviews
      • Key informant interviews
      • Semi-structured interviews
      • Ethnographic research or participant observation
      • UX research methods
      • Intercept interviews
      • Customer journey mapping
  • Thought leadership
    • Work with research team and regional staff to identify the most pressing topics for women’s financial inclusion in the region
    • Provide data-driven insights through clear and concise writing. Outputs may include reports, blog posts, white papers, internal memos, and peer-reviewed journal articles.
    • Present information, both internally and externally, in a clear and organized way, with visuals to support the information. Outputs may include webinars, panels at conferences, executive-level briefings, internal presentations, and more.
    • Provide data-driven advice and guidance to colleagues working with financial services providers to guide the design of products and services.
  • Stakeholder management
    • Participate in establishing partnership with network members, industry leaders, policymakers, and key decision makers
    • Participate in regional conversations on financial inclusion and economic empowerment, highlighting the gender perspective
    • Synthesize research findings to identify opportunities for different stakeholders to take defined action to advance women’s financial inclusion



  • Undergraduate or master’s degree in a relevant discipline
  • 6-8+ years of work experience in work related to financial services, women’s empowerment, or non-profit
  • Intellectual curiosity and creative problem-solving in research
  • Successful track record working within a diverse, multi-cultural global organization, collaborating with remote colleagues, and delivering high quality work with minimal supervision
  • Some combination of the following:
    • Experience with experimental and quasi-experimental research design
    • Experience with semi-structured interview methods and qualitative analysis
    • Design survey questionnaires and programming into a data collection software (Survey CTO preferred)
    • Participant observation, customer journey mapping, and UX research methods
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English and Bahasa
  • Ability to travel within Indonesia, around the region, and occasionally to the U.S.


Within the first 75 days:

  • Assume full responsibilities of the position
  • Embrace Women’s World Banking’s values – Think Big, Own and Commit to It, Smarter Together
  • Learn and comprehend Women’s World Banking’s business model
  • Fully integrate into both Advisory Services and Southeast Asia team