ISSUE DATE: July 2, 2020
SUBMISSION DATE: July 16, 2020


Women’s World Banking is looking for a public affairs/relations agency partner to help the organization build its profile in India, with some additional work in Bangladesh. This will be for an initial six month period with the option to renew subject to funding and key deliverables having been met.

As part of Women’s World Banking’s new global strategy, the way in which the organization advocates is changing. We are building a new Advocacy vertical which aligns Marketing and Communications, Policy and Research more closely together in order to ensure that these functions and their work are more closely integrated for greater efficiency, effectiveness and scale. At the same time, we want to increase the opportunity to “drive action and change” by moving our advocacy efforts closer to our tier one markets, of which India and Bangladesh are two.

Jointly reporting through the global Advocacy vertical and the India team, our agency partner will act as a strategic advisor and thought partner as we build awareness of our work and value in India (and Bangladesh). It will create our first ever advocacy platform for the market, to include stakeholder mapping across policymakers, influencers and partners; media strategy and relations; content creation, including written and support for digital forms; and speaker bureau. It will also support at least one online event for Women’s World Banking to disseminate pilot project findings. Potential stretch deliverables include exploring ways to build our social media presence where appropriate and applicable to the organization’s goals, and act as an advisor as we seek to build relationships with influential individuals who might support us in an advisory capacity.

About Women’s World Banking

Women’s World Banking is the global leader in women’s financial empowerment. Rooted in our deep understanding of the women’s market, we tackle financial inclusion in three interconnected ways: first, by partnering with financial services providers to develop scalable market-driven solutions; second, through our gender-lens private equity fund; and, finally, because diverse institutions are proven to be stronger, we build institutional capacity through leadership and diversity programs. Through this holistic approach and our global reach of XX institutions in XX countries, we accelerate economic opportunity for low-income women and growth for financial service providers in the emerging markets.

About the Project

Women’s World Banking sees an opportunity for the organization to play a larger role in global thought leadership as it relates to women’s financial empowerment, and ensure that Women’s World Banking and its partners were known and recognized for the impact they have made in the category. We want to ensure that the organization is influencing and creating awareness and action around attitudes, policy and giving in relation to women’s financial inclusion at both the global and market level.

Women’s World Banking has identified its target audiences as financial service providers (banks, mobile network operators, insurance companies, Fintech companies), regulators/policymakers, and the donor community.  Advocacy plays a role in the communication to and influence with all of these groups at both the global and market level.

Although Women’s World Banking’s work is global, our priority markets include Indonesia, India, Egypt, Nigeria, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Mexico. For the purposes of this RFQ, we are focusing on India as a primary market and Bangladesh as a secondary market.

Objectives & Responsibilities

At this initial stage, we require an agency partner to provide a strategist and execution team to embark on a six month sprint to build the framework for India and Bangladesh’s future advocacy efforts, while delivering some “quick wins” to help build the organization’s profile, especially in light of the need for fairer societies that the Covid-19 pandemic is highlighting. The deliverables are:

  • Help with the identification and mapping of policy stakeholders in institutions like RBI, MoF etc
  • Influencers mapping and media strategy – which media and other medias should we be in front of regularly – and then support with the execution of that strategy, as evidenced by# meetings/media interviews per month
  • Content creation – press releases, opinion pieces, blogs, as well as proactive monitoring of our “environment” and identification of appropriate opportunities for Women’s World Banking to comment
  • Support for research dissemination in market
  • Identification of tier one events where our voice should be present and pitching speakers/content at those events
  • Support one online event to disseminate pilot project findings

Duration of Consultancy

This is a six month assignment from July to December with the option to continue into 2021 should deliverables be met and funding be available

Location of Work

The agency team can be located in any of India’s major cities, with ad hoc capability in Dhaka.

Preferred Qualifications

Experience working in the intersection of policy, research and communications, with an established practice in financial services. Experience with non-profits and their financial constraints also viewed favourably.

To Apply

Please submit your application, including the following components, by July 16, 2020 July 20, 2020 at 11:59 PM EST at the latest:

  • Agency credentials,
  • proposed team,
  • three client references (who have experience working with the team proposed),
  • a summary of monthly account running and deliverables, and
  • any relevant (concise) case studies.

Applicants may submit their question(s) in writing until July 13, 2020 to Please include in the e-mail subject line “RFQ: Advocacy Agency Partner in India.”

Apply Now!

This RFQ does not guarantee or commit Women’s World Banking to proceeding with the above described work. Due to overwhelming response, not all candidates will be contacted.

Women’s World Banking is an equal employment opportunity for all regardless of race, color, citizenship, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, veteran or reservist status or any other category protected by federal, state or local law.

 Women’s World Banking will be unable to contract with any individual who is US citizen or resident without an LLC or LP or similar structure.

Q: Will you accept applications from agencies without ad-hoc capability in Dhaka?
A: We would give preference to agencies with ad-hoc capability in Dhaka, but will accept applications from agencies without.

Q: Kindly let us know if Indian Tier-I and II cities are your target markets?
A: We are open to guidance for the best approach to media/public relations in India for financial inclusion

Q: Have you ever initiated any focused PR activity in India in the past?
A: No

Q: Kindly help us understand what kind of change you would like to bring in India through the Advocacy?
A: Greater awareness of the issue of women’s financial inclusion, greater understanding of the importance of G2P in driving resilience for women; and brand awareness of Women’s World Banking

Q: If possible, please let us know details about the quantum/frequency of work in Bangladesh?
A: Ad hoc – very limited

Q:  Regarding the brief mentioned in the RFQ, we wanted clarity if we need to submit a detailed communication plan or scope of work with deliverables and costs to execute the same in India and Bangladesh?
A: We leave it to your judgement to best represent the approach of your agency credentials and what you can do for us given the budget and focus outlined

Q: We would like to know if the approach, methodology and quotation for undertaking the assignment is also required. If yes, where should it be included?
A: Yes, please include under the monthly account running and deliverables.

Q: It is mentioned in the call that the interested agency has to submit – a summary of monthly account running and deliverables. Can you please clarify about it? Does it mean the Organization’s financial statement? We do have annual audited statements and audited balance sheet. OR does it mean a list of proposed activities/work-plan for the project duration?
A: The second – proposed activities/work-plan for the project duration

Q: Since your organisation undertakes multiple areas within financial access/empowerment. What are the specific areas of interest from an organizational point of view? E.g. investments, market driven solutions, technical assistance, leadership, etc.
A: Current focus is on financial inclusion elements of COVID recovery and resilience for low income women  eg G2P

Q: What are the verticals of Women World Bank, that we are looking to highlight with stakeholders? General brand building, thought leadership Is there a specific focus for India and Bangladesh?
A: No – emphasis on India, good if there is a Bangladesh capacity we can use ad hoc

Q: Can you indicate the current positioning with  your stakeholders. E.g. Do they know about your work, offerings, expertise, etc. Is it at different stages with different groups?
A: Brand awareness raising was part of the brief so it would suggest we are relatively unknown except to people with a focus on FI.

Q: What is the pilot project and research being looked at for the event- if cant disclose specifics then broad contours
A: G2P, agent banking are potential areas.

Q: Can we co-bid for this opportunity ?
A: Yes

Q: Are we allowed to showcase plan of work for 10 -12 months and propose costs accordingly offering flexibility for you to chose from the suggested scope and duration of work?
A: It may be necessary to propose a 12 month approach. This is very low level and tactical at this stage, we want to get a feel for the market, costs and what we can achieve but most importantly get some quick wins under our belt.

Q: Do you have a timeline for the proposed media launch?
A: This is a six month engagement to explore operating a PR function in India. We want prospective partners to propose how best to achieve our objectives within that period, while setting up the platform for potentially extending into 2021

Q: Can you provide some clarity on the operating model? Like, for instance, will we have spokespersons in India and Bangladesh? what is the level of proposed engagement with the relevant policy makers in India?
A: We have a team in various locations in India. We have people responsible for Bangladesh but the focus should be India for now.

Q: What is the expected workload of the research work? Is  the proposed India partner expected to support a core research team with India-only factoids, or is the India partner expected to mount the entire research piece?
A: Under my purview [as the hiring manager] I have comms, policy and research. We have a research capability in India and would expect comms, policy and research to work closely to engage stakeholders. I would not expect the agency partner to do any research other than normal research associated with media relations (finding media oops and events that align to our objectives).