Issue Date: August 10, 2018
Submission Date: September 4, 2018

Women’s World Banking is seeking applications from qualified consultants to provide technical expertise and data analysis. The consultant will perform institutional and client-level data analytics to support product design, marketing strategy and gender analysis projects. This includes several types of analytical projects, including segmentation, statistical (including descriptive and predictive analysis) and geographic analysis.

About Women’s World Banking
Women’s World Banking is the global leader in women’s financial inclusion. Rooted in our deep understanding of the women’s market, we tackle financial inclusion in three interconnected ways: first, by partnering with financial services providers to develop scalable market-driven solutions; second, through our gender-lens private equity fund; and, finally, because diverse institutions are proven to be stronger, we build institutional capacity through leadership and diversity programs. Through this holistic approach and our global reach of 49 institutions in 32 countries, we accelerate economic opportunity for low-income women and growth for financial service providers in the emerging markets.

About the Project
Women’s World Banking works with different types of financial service providers across several industries and geographic regions to develop solutions as well as market strategies that deepen the financial inclusion of low-income customers (particularly women). As part of this retainer contract, the selected consultant will work with a multi-disciplinary team from Women’s World Banking to execute data analysis projects. The selected consultant will be responsible for analyzing individual-level transaction data provided by the organization; datasets tend to be large (up to 15million clients) and complex (longitudinal, multiples types of accounts and many variables). This type of analysis will enable us to provide additional insight on client needs and behaviors to develop strategies and solutions for our partners.

Objectives & Responsibilities
The objective of the consultancy is to conduct analysis, specifically focusing on gender, including:

  1. Behavioral segmentation analysis: As we work with partner financial institutions to understand client needs, and develop innovative products tailored to low-income women, deeper analysis of client segments and behavioral patterns is critical.
  2. Statistical analysis: Beyond basic segmentation, analysis of correlations and causations between client behavior and product performance will inform product design, delivery channels, and marketing strategy.
  3. Geographic analysis: Analysis using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) will enable partner financial institutions to better understand outreach, delivery and achievement of financial inclusion.

Specific responsibilities may include:

  • Cleaning and testing data for accuracy and reliability; and
  • Conducting detailed descriptive and statistical analysis of the data.

Duration of Consultancy
Consultants will be engaged through an on-call retainer contract for one year, which may be extended at Women’s World Banking’s discretion. They will be needed on short-term projects that may vary in length.

Location of Work
The work will be conducted remotely, however it may include site visits to financial institutions.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Minimum of 8 years’ experience in econometrics and data analysis, particularly in the field of finance, international development or statistics;
  • Experience in financial inclusion highly desirable;
  • Advanced Degree in Econometrics, Statistics, Information Technology or other research-related field required;
  • Strong interpersonal, analytical, writing, and problem-solving skills required;
  • STATA/SAS/SPSS/R experience and previous work with large datasets, statistical analysis with large, complicated (beyond administrative, clean datasets);
  • Statistical analysis experience, specifically in longitudinal data;
  • Experience with parametric and non-parametric metrics, OLS regression;
  • Querying experience using large datasets and various databases;
  • Experience working with longitudinal data and creating panel data sets.

To Apply
Applications must be received no later than September 4, 2018 October 17, 2018 at midnight EST.

Please include the below in your application:

  • Cover letter, including daily rate***
  • Resume
  • References (at least 2)


Applicants may submit their question(s) in writing until September 3, 2018 to  Please include in the e-mail subject line “Questions: RFQ Data Analytics Consultant.”

This RFQ does not guarantee or commit Women’s World Banking to proceeding with the above described work. Due to the overwhelming responses not all candidates will be contacted.

Women’s World Banking is an equal opportunity employer for all regardless of race, color, citizenship, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, veteran or reservist status or any other category protected by federal, state or local law.

Women’s World Banking will be unable to contract with any individual who is US citizen or resident without an LLC or LP or similar structure.

Q: Will it be possible for Women’s World Banking to engage a consultant via a contract with a firm? As part of the contract, we can include the name of specific consultant who will be working on this assignment.
A: Yes, we can engage the consultant that way. Please make sure the share the CV of the specific consultant in the application.

Q: When you are asking for two references, what are you looking for exactly?
A: Please share contact information for two people who can serve as references.