ISSUE DATE: January 11, 2022

SUBMISSION DATE: January 17, 2022

***EXTENDED SUBMISSION DATE: January 21, 2022***



  • WWB Asset Management (“WAM”) is evaluating an equity investment opportunity in a Financial Service Provider (FSP) with presence in India for which it seeks a short-term external consultant to support the investment team in carrying out a due diligence focused on the digital strategy and systems/technology as part of an overall commercial due diligence process.
  • The consultant will review and assess the FSP’s digital infrastructure, processes and systems, as well as its products, services and delivery channels. He/she will help to determine how well the FSP has implemented a digital strategy or its capacity to execute on a future strategy. Additionally, the consultant will analyze how the FSP’s digital strategy adds value to its overall commercial strategy and competitiveness in its marketplace (via cost reduction, improved client acquisition, scale, revenue streams, etc.)
  • The consultant will review documents and participate in prep meetings with the WAM investment team prior to due diligence meetings/visits. He/she will accompany the team in conducting virtual meetings with the FSP’s management over the course of 3 – 4 full working days,
  • The consultant will summarize findings in a short report and be available to present these findings to the Investment Committee.


About the Project

WWB Asset Management (“WAM”) is currently evaluating an equity investment opportunity in India. The FSP operates in the used and new 2-wheeler lending and used 2-wheeler trading sectors for which it makes use of digital channels and applications in its client acquisition and credit evaluation processes. The role of the consultant is to support the investment team in conducting due diligence on the digital strategy, channels, products and related systems/technology (Front End, Middleware, and Back End) in order to assess how the FSP makes use of a digital strategy to support and enhance its business operations, including expansion plans, and help achieve said strategy.


Objectives & Responsibilities

  • The objective of the consultancy is to evaluate the robustness of the digital strategy and the processes, products, services and delivery channels to determine how well the FSP has already implemented the strategy or how ready it is to do so. Of particular importance is an analysis of how the digital strategy provides value to the FSP’s overall commercial and expansion objectives.
  • Assess whether and how the digital strategy provides the FSP a competitive advantage in its marketplace, particularly in the Indian context.
  • Accompany team to conduct meetings with the FSP’s management and participate in discussions regarding the use of digital tools and processes within the FSP.
  • Provide investment team with feedback on pre-due diligence materials, including agenda and document request lists, to ensure access to relevant materials and management.
  • Make use of provided checklist of questions focused on assessing the FSP’s capacity and fitness to carry out a digital strategy.

The consultant will be required to perform the following services:

  • Meeting notes
  • Detailed assessment of the digital strategy in accordance with the provided template, including:
    • A description of the digital strategy and integration within the FSP’s business plan;
    • High-level systems map (i.e. front end, back-end, middleware with relevant integrations and providers), including an assessment of the IT Infrastructure (Hardware i.e Front End, Middleware and Back End);
    • Assessment of the Tools (Software, databases, MIS)
    • Organizational Readiness Assessment
    • An analysis of the robustness of the Digital Strategy of the company compared to competition, market, or other relevant research work;
    • An analysis of latest regulations on relevant digital solutions for financial institutions, in the context of regional players in India;
    • An assessment the adequacy of security and compliance related to digital solutions, including KYC and identity management, data privacy, and other regulations;
    • An analysis of the level of investment made to date and the projections for future
    • A final recommendation highlighting the strengths, competitive advantages, weaknesses, and potential pain points for the success of the FSP’s digital strategy
  • The consultant will be available for a short presentation to the fund’s investment committee about the due diligence findings.


Duration of Consultancy

Activity Timeline
Inception Report/Material Review  2 days
Onsite/ virtual Visit  3 – 4 days
Preparation of Due Diligence Report  3 days
Presentation of Report to Investment Committee 1 day


Location of Work

Remote, in addition to 3- 4 days remote due diligence alongside investment team.


To Apply

Applications must be received no later than January 17, 2022 at midnight EST.

Please include the below in your application:

  • Cover letter, including daily/hourly rate***
  • A document that shows relevant experiences in conducting relevant engagements.
  • Resume or CV of the main people who will be involved in the project
  • References (at least 2)

*** Applications should be submitted in English ***

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Apply Now!

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