ISSUE DATE: December 20 2019
SUBMISSION DATE: January 3, 2020

Women’s World Banking is developing a Social Enterprise approach to replicate its insurance success Caregiver at scale with an innovative financing model. We need expert help to systematically evaluate options related to this Social Enterprise approach and reconfirm the long term viability and business plan.
Options include the analysis of all material implications of our proposed revenue model with pros and cons and cost-benefit analysis of possible set-ups (existing NGO, separate NGO, for-profit, B-Corp, etc…), as well as financial and tax implications for our country priorities.

Women’s World Banking appreciate that this expertise may not be coming from one single person because the work will require deep understanding of the landscape of legal forms of for-profit and non-for-profit entities, insurance regulation, tax and transfer pricing issues, business plans and financial projections. Women’s World Banking may engage several experts to work on specific topics. To this end, the objectives have been split below.

About Women’s World Banking
Women’s World Banking is the global leader in women’s financial inclusion. Rooted in our deep understanding of the women’s market, we tackle financial inclusion in three interconnected ways: first, by partnering with financial services providers to develop scalable market-driven solutions; second, through our gender-lens private equity fund; and, finally, because diverse institutions are proven to be stronger, we build institutional capacity through leadership and diversity programs. Through this holistic approach and our global reach of 49 institutions in 32 countries, we accelerate economic opportunity for low-income women and growth for financial service providers in the emerging markets.

Background / About the Project
In the last 5 years, Women’s World Banking has rolled-out several successful insurance products with our partner Microfinance institutions (MFI) and Banks. With the support of public and private donors, Women’s World Banking helped design and roll-out life and health products in all these markets with a unique value proposition: (1) High client satisfaction and outcome, (2) Profitability and competitive advantage for the MFI and Banks and (3) Profitability and access to new markets for the insurance company. All products are commercially viable and clients pay the full premium with no subsidy.

Women’s World Banking is now exploring a model with optimized replication in which another 10 countries will be added and our work will be financed by public and private donors partially, while we will participate in the revenue stream from the premium and ultimately attract investors. To this end we are in the process of reducing our own costs of replication and identifying implications from future revenue.

Objectives & Responsibilities
Revenue: The first objective is to work with the microinsurance team to understand our current replication model and the proposed future model and harmonize scaling parameters per partner (#insured, commission level, duration) and take the existing financial projections to the next level based on our first partnerships (e.g. cost per country, economies of scale, impact of deployment size, level of funding needed at milestones 2, 3, 5 years) to be able to draft a proper business plan. This work will be done in connection with the finance team to work on a real cost basis. Deliverable: Updated model with adjusted input / easy output.

Legal implications from revenue generation: The second objective is to list up and rank all implications from the above revenue generation. Those implications could be the need for local presence, an agent and/or broker license, need for a local legal entity or official approval, the (in)ability to transfer funds back to the NGO, taxable income issues etc… In this part of the work, the expert will evaluate to which extent the model can be run within the existing NGO structure and otherwise explore legal options derived from those implications to be able to attract both grants and investor’s money and deliver long-term flexible insurance services in the target countries by tying the service to the premium flow. This may require to verify which part of the work is performed where (as some of the work can be done remotely) as well as regulation in the target countries so that transfer pricing issues are addressed and optimized. Issues related to broker and/or intermediary licenses will have to be analyzed and a set of options for the local structure will be developed. Deliverable: a list of options with a recommendation on the structure(s).

Country priority formalization: The third objective is to integrated the previous two deliverables into a first Social Enterprise business and time plan based on the current country priority logic and articulate more precise funding and revenue generation needs as well as confirming the viability of the model. Deliverable: a pitch-deck and business plan for operations.


  • Strategic thinker(s) with background in legal structures, transfer pricing, accounting, start-up structures, seed and venture investment.
  • Deep interest in numbers and financial projections, extreme accuracy in work, curiosity to challenge status quo, interest in reducing complexity and providing a toolkit for future projects.
  • Capacity to work with excel, ability to summarize complex situations in simple terms and visualize with impact

To Apply
Please submit your application, including but not limited to the following components, by Friday, January 3, 2020 at 11:59 PM EST at the latest:

  • Cover Letter including daily rate
  • Resume/CV
  • Three references

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This RFQ does not guarantee or commit Women’s World Banking to proceeding with the above described work. Due to overwhelming response, not all candidates will be contacted.

Women’s World Banking is an equal employment opportunity for all regardless of race, color, citizenship, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, veteran or reservist status or any other category protected by federal, state or local law.

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