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Ade Ashaye

Country Manager, Visa, West Africa

Ade AshayeAs Country Manager for Visa West Africa, Ade Ashaye is responsible for managing Visa’s relationships with key industry stakeholders (including banks, governments, etc.) in Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Gambia, and Liberia.

Mr. Ashaye began his career in the bankcard industry with Visa Europe in London in 1996. After several years, he decided his future lay in developing markets, and joined Visa’s Central Europe, Middle East, and Africa team, before relocating to its West Africa division.  As such, Mr. Ashaye has more than 15 years of bankcard experience in both mature and developing markets.

Among his major achievements are the launch of the first Visa credit cards in Nigeria, and their stellar growth rate in the country following his strategic restructuring of Visa’s business model. Mr. Ashaye also helped introduce the first Visa cards in Sierra Leone and Liberia.

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