Women's World Banking Presents

Fintech Innovation Challenge

Join the only women-centered Fintech Innovation Challenge for late stage fintechs. Contribute to the technology innovation that will close the gender gap in financial services.

Join us at the Making Finance Work for Women Summit #MFWW2023 in Mumbai, India on 25 May 2023, for the Finalist Pitch Competition.

What is the Fintech Innovation Challenge?

In the past few years, we have seen a dramatic increase in the adoption of digital financial services by women. Based on the latest Global Findex Report, for the first time in a decade, the gender gap has decreased from 9% to 6% in key emerging markets, thanks in part to an increased number of low-income women leveraging digital financial services.

Now is the time to build on this momentum and leverage digital financial services as an on-ramp for low-income women customers to adopt and use a large suite of formal financial products and services. Low-income women represent a large, untapped market opportunity for digital financial services providers, and fintechs, in particular, who can leverage technology innovation to break the persistent challenges in closing the gender gap in financial services.

The 2023 Fintech Innovation Challenge is inviting applications from fintechs pioneering innovative financial solutions that break the persistent challenges in serving the low-income women’s market.

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The Challenge

Through a highly competitive process, Women’s World Banking’s Fintech Innovation Challenge identifies and elevates 4 later-stage fintechs pioneering innovative financial solutions that break the persistent challenges in serving the low-income women’s market.

The Fintech Innovation Challenge attracts over 100 fintech applicants from around the world who are developing innovative products to close the gender gap in the low-income women’s market.

We are looking for fintechs currently developing innovative products and solutions that address low-income women and their needs.

The Fintech Innovation Challenge

What Sets Us Apart?


Exclusive focus on solutions that aim to close the gender gap for women

Growth Potential

Access to major investor and partnership opportunities to foster growth potential

Later-Stage Fintechs

Emphasis on attracting later-stage fintechs, rather than start-ups

Expert Judging Panel

Diverse judging panel of industry experts in fintech, financial inclusion, banking and venture capital

Access to Broader Community

Opportunity to join and engage with the broader women's financial inclusion community, such as Women’s World Banking Global Network

The Fintech Innovation Challenge

Who Should Apply?

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We invite fintechs who fit the following criteria to apply:

Leveraging Technology for Women

You are a fintech leveraging technology to provide financial solutions for underserved, low-income women.

Serving Emerging Markets

Your focus is on serving customers in emerging markets.

Preparing for Series A or Later

Your fintech is preparing for Series A or later and can demonstrate a minimum viable product and a path to profitability.

The Fintech Innovation Challenge

Past Fintech Innovation Challenge Winners

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