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Why Health Microinsurance?

Research has shown that healthcare costs often exert the most financial pressure on poor families. Meeting the costs of an unexpected health emergency is the most common reason women give for having to liquidate or decapitalize their businesses. Microinsurance has enormous potential to provide security and stability to a poor household if the product meets the needs of women and they understand the benefits.

Our Approach

In 2010 Women’s World Banking worked with network member Microfund for Women (MFW) in Jordan to create the country’s first private health microinsurance offering. The Caregiver product provides a cash benefit after hospitalization that clients can use for a range of related needs: transportation to the hospital or replacement of lost revenue while their businesses have been closed.

The most significant aspect of Caregiver is its coverage of maternal health: MFW serves 97 percent women clients and women are more likely to prioritize the care of their family above their own. The only exception is when women are pregnant. Women’s World Banking assured that the Caregiver policy covers all hospital stays related to pregnancy, a feature critical to improving maternal health outcomes and of great value to MFW’s clients.

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