Blog response featured on The Guardian

September 27, 2013

Research specialist Anjali Banthia‘s response blog, “Microfinance and domestic violence—causality is not as straightforward as you think,” to an op-ed about the link between domestic violence and microfinance was cited in a recent Guardian article on the state of the microfinance industry.

While the above speaks of steps being made towards a more responsible microfinance, there is the area of wider effects of access to credit also to explore. In a letter to the network, Saif Mohammad Moinul Islam expressed concern that microcredit may be putting vulnerable women at greater risk of violence. While controversial, a response blog by Anjali Banthia, suggested that Saif’s claims weren’t entirely incorrect. Anjali, a researcher at Women’s World Banking, writes: “While we do think that microcredit specifically can have this impact it is important to highlight that this analysis [applies to] loans only.”

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