Diamond Bank Blog | Diamond Bank Tickles Nigerian Youths with 2 Mouthwatering Accounts

May 28, 2015

Women’s World Banking worked with Diamond Bank to develop savings accounts for youth:

Diamond Bank has opened a window of money management opportunities that will make Nigerian youths not only to save excitedly but also to develop healthy saving character and build prudent expenditure and investment profile.  Among the Bank’s basket of financial products are two different types of accounts–Diamond Future and Cool Teens – specially created to enable teenagers save with excitement and also for parents to save for their children and easily meet their future financial  goals and needs.

The Bank’s Head of Corporate Communication, Ayona Trimnell, stated that the reason for developing the products for the youths and children is basically not because of the need to shore up its performance scorecard at the end of the financial year but to enable Nigerian youths belong to the banking community and know that they have a right to start early to chart healthy financial course in life.

According to Ayona, an extensive research conducted by Diamond Bank in conjunction with Women’s World Banking aimed at  better understanding each client segment, opened the door for the Bank to work to meet these needs with a comprehensive offering of youth accounts specifically designed for each target client segment.

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