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Uncovering Women’s Attitudes Towards Health in India

October 16, 2018

By Mansi Gupta, Design Specialist, Women’s World Banking  “If a hospital isn’t involved, I’m healthy enough.” Women’s World Banking spoke with women in India to better understand their views on health, health emergencies and the role of insurance. By understanding their attitudes on health issues, Women’s World Banking will work to increase uptake and usage of microinsurance in India. Health…

The Power of Partnership: A Corporate Collaboration to Advance Women’s Financial Inclusion in Pakistan

October 1, 2018

By Meghan Flaherty Women did not feel comfortable transacting with JazzCash’ mostly-male agent network, leading to lower product uptake. Women’s World Banking worked with Jazz to partner with Unilever’s women entrepreneur training program to leverage each companies core competencies to increase value for their products and drive financial inclusion for low-income women in Pakistan. At first glance, a telco and a…

Introducing the Leadership and Diversity Program for Regulators: a new program of inclusive policy design and leadership development for financial regulators

September 25, 2018

By Women’s World Banking September 25, 2018 Policymakers have the opportunity to play game changer in driving women’s financial inclusion efforts. However, a strong, gender-diverse team within the regulatory body needs to be in place to amplify these efforts. Women’s World Banking and AFI’s Leadership & Diversity for Regulators program provides the tools to design inclusive policies and build a…

Lessons in Change Management from KCB Bank and Diamond Bank to Better Serve Women-led Enterprises

September 17, 2018

In order to serve the massive market of women-led enterprises, financial service providers must adopt women-centered model that often requires massive change throughout their operations.

How to Create Financial Products that Win with Women

September 4, 2018

Often, many financial services providers only superficially tailor their products in order to reach the women’s market. If f they are to reach this untapped segment, they must articulate a clear business case, avoid being “gender-neutral” and use gender segmentation during product design and to meet women’s needs.

A woman-centered approach finds an untapped market of entrepreneurs in Egypt

August 27, 2018

Women, especially the low-income segment, are often overlooked by traditional financial service providers in Egypt.  Women’s World Banking and Lead Foundation developed an innovative individual lending methodology that successfully reached women entrepreneurs.

Custom Product Bundles Can Deepen Financial Inclusion for Vietnam’s Economically Active Women

August 20, 2018

Vietnam has millions of economically active women who interact with the formal financial sector at a superficial level. Women’s World Banking worked with Maritime Bank to develop a strategy to deepen its outreach the women’s market.

Accelerating economic opportunity in Mexico by applying a gender lens

August 13, 2018

While Mexico has made great strides in driving financial inclusion for low-income women but many more barriers, albeit surmountable, need to be addressed before the country can realize the economic benefit of financial inclusion.

Empowering Women in the Developing World: Barriers and Opportunities

August 6, 2018

One year on, a look back at our CEO’s House Foreign Affairs Committee testimony on the importance of promoting women’s financial inclusion globally to unlock economic growth.

Nigeria’s missed financial inclusion targets: Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

July 30, 2018

The Central Bank of Nigeria announced that the country would not be meeting its 2020 financial inclusion targets. Nevertheless, developments in biometric ID, regulatory sandbox, industry partnerships and agent network growth are on the horizon to put the country back on track.

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